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英The Economist 2015年第一号



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①The on-demand economy/Workers on tap



Recently, the scale of the on-demand economy is growing in the world. The reasons are mainly two. First one is consumer want to demand low price. If people use cloud sourcing,they can order by low cost. Second one is many entrepreneurs try to create new business and destroy old industries like Uber or AirBnb. However, the growing speed of the on-demand economy in Japan is slower than in the world because of strong regulations like employment contract or license system in various industries. Actually, compared with the U.S or Indian market, Uber has difficulty to enter in the Japanese one. The Japanese government must change quickly the law of deregulation to create new market. Off course, to some extend, the protection of worker is needed. So Mr. Abe must have clear view about necessary or unnecessary regulation. And he must decide and take action quickly.


②Cyber-security/Is Kim Jong Un innocent?



North Korea of hackers attacked SONY pictures Entertaiments of computer systems because of the film about Kim Jong Un. Off course, SONY has responsibility to make this film on the base of "fact". However, even thinking about it, this is the war between North Korea and SONY. In twenty one century, war is shifting from physical one to virtual one like cyber attack. Therefore SONY must not surrender against North Korea. If SONY lose, not only North Korea but also other dictorial governments or terrorist will escalate cyber attacks because they will assume these attacks are effective to control the world. Therefore, not only SONY but also govenments or companies must  consider cyber security more serious than before. I thought so much, but SONY may be winner in this problem because people in the world can know the SONY's film.



③Investing in agriculture/Barbarians at the farm gate



There are the risk of food shortage in the future. So we must consider food problem seriously. In U.S, farmland has been a great investment over the past 20 years. The big investment improved the productivity of agriculture. But there are many financial risks. In Japan, agriculture industry has many regulations. So productivity isn't so high. The government must reform the law to solve this problem but it is difficult because administration is supported by vested rights. So we expect the IT service like Oisix or Cookpad that create new business by making platform to connect famer with consumer. Especially, Telefarm is unique company. If people use its service, they can enjoy easily agriculture by remote indication for famer. The age comes that not only big investor but also usual person invests agriculture field.


The Economist [UK] January 3 - 9 2015 (単号)

The Economist [UK] January 3 - 9 2015 (単号)

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